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Owens & Boys is an independent small family business formed in July 1987. Our main function in the past was General Engineering and preventative maintenenace in a large local dairy which is now closed. We now specialise in the manufacture and supply of a low cost range of flow meters for educational purposes.


The company was originally run as a partnership comprising a Geography teacher and a Technician. The initial prototypes were locally manufactured and tested for a number of years at the now closed, Outdoor Study Centre at Porthcawl and proved to be a valuable resource. It was a privilege to support the Bolivia ' 93 Expedition sponsored by the Geograpical Society. The project was to study the effect of mercury pollution due to mining on the Tambopata River, a tributary of the Amazon. Due to the mechanical simplicity of the "Hydro Prop" in operation they managed to collect velocity data at sample points, while the expensive highly sophisticated, computerised intelligent meter failed due to ingress of moisture.

Comments by Teachers

"The Hydro - Prop is a reliable instrument which is entirely suitable for use by pupils, it will not end up in the back of a cupboard like so many of the expensive electronic gadgets available"

Head of a Field Study Centre.

" Pupils enjoy using the Hydro - Prop and it increases the tupes of investigation possible".

Head of Geography in a Comprehensive

"My pupils have used the Hydro - Prop to gteat effect in G.C.S.E and A level individual studies".

Head of Geography in a Comprehensive

Mission Statement

Our aim is to develop a range of low cost, durable products that are aimed at enhansing the educational value of your field studies projects. We provide a full backup service on all our our products and are happy to deal with any enquiries or suggestions you may have.

We are located at:

Owens & Boys F S Products

16 St. Winifreds Road

Cefn Glas


CF31 4PL

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